Believe, All Things are POSSIBLE

I recently read a story of two atheists on a fishing trip in Scotland, when one of the men hooked the Loch Ness monster! Immediately his fishing pole bent over as the giant sea creature began dragging their little boat wildly across the Loch. Hanging on for dear life, the man cried out, “Oh God, help me!” 

 “Hey,” the other man said, “We’re atheists, remember! We don’t believe in God.”

“Sixty seconds ago,” he responded, “I didn’t believe in the Loch Ness monster, either!” 

 Folks, what we believe has everything to do with the kind of life we live. As Jesus said, “Everything is possible for him that believes.” Mark 9:23. It also says in Job 3:25, “For what I fear comes upon me.” 

I’m reminded of the miracle of Peter walking on water and of the force that stopped him. As Peter climbed out of the boat, faith arose in his heart and the impossible became possible. Peter walked on water! But the Bible also says in Matthew 14:30, “when he SAW the wind, he became afraid. And he began to sink.” His fear interrupted his miracle and he began to sink. In our everyday lives, how often does fear rob us? Perhaps we even give up before we begin. We try something a few times, get discouraged, and return to our old routine. Why? Because fear lowers the bar of expectations in our lives. 

What we believe will happen, usually does. If, for example, you fearfully believe that you will never have a good relationship, or move a mountain of debt, or get the job you’ve wanted, what are the chances of you succeeding? They are diminished dramatically, simply because you don’t believe they will happen. But when you BELIEVE the mountain has to move; that the job is on its way; that the door will open—you are creating a force that moves things in its way. 

I’m intrigued by one of the root meanings of the word believe, which is to give permission or to allow. What a powerful concept! When we believe a promise from God’s Word, we are giving permission for it to happen. We are allowing it to happen in our lives! Just simply believing—with strong conviction— transforms our lives from the inside out. Believing is the force that gets things done. It allows us to succeed. 

While fear tries to rob us of our expectation, Faith allows us to rise victoriously in the midst of whatever we’re facing. Faith triggers God’s miracle action in our lives. It always has throughout history, and it always will. God’s Word is ALIVE. And BELIEVING God’s Word releases its POWER into YOUR life. 

Rather than controlling our lives we must let our faith take the lead—to bring to pass God’s promises & God’s intention for our lives. We release a mighty force that can conquer any obstacle; move any mountain; obtain any promise. We allow something to happen that would otherwise not have happened. In this way, faith allows us to see the impossible become possible. 

As Jesus said, “…Fear Not. Only believe.” Mark 5:36.

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