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For over 2000 years, millions of ordinary people have sacrificially invested their time, gifts and talents to help build churches where people can experience God in a way that is relevant for their lives.

LifeWay Community Church (LWCC) is one of those churches. Our greatest joy is to see people encounter God in a relevant way and discover His plans and purposes for their lives.

We have designed this website with you in mind — meaning we hope you will visit often to get up-to-date information on ministries, events, special services and ways to get plugged into life at LifeWay. One thing you will find – there is always something exciting happening at LWCC.

So whether this is your first time to visit us on line or you are returning — we hope you’ll use this website as a trusted resource for your spiritual growth and information. I also hope whenever possible you can be a part of our weekly services.
May the Lord bless you and keep you, 

Pastor Eli Hendricks

Our Leadership Team...

Pastor Eli Hendricks (our Lead Pastor)

Almost three decades ago, God planted a vision in Pastor Eli’s heart for a place where everyone’s welcome, nobody’s perfect and anything’s possible, and LifeWay Community Church is that place. We believe that every person matters to God and therefore they matter to us and our desire is to be a light of hope in communities throughout the world by sharing the love of God.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the life-changing message of grace, truth and love and we believe that LifeWay is a reflection of our wonderful Savior. At LifeWay you’ll find challenging and encouraging messages, incredible music, great people and fantastic environments for the entire family. 



LifeWay Ministry Team:

Lead Pastor – Eli Hendricks

Children’s Pastor – Steve Payne

Worship Leader – Johnny Payne

Where WE Are Going...

For over 2000 years, millions of ordinary people have sacrificially invested their time and hard-earned money to help build churches where people can experience God in a way that is relevant for their lives. LifeWay Community Church (LWCC) is one of those churches. We are focused on helping people walk strong with God. In the book of Daniel 11:32 it states; “but the people who know their God will display strength, and do great exploits.” Our goal is to see people walk strong spiritually as well as in their marriages, families, businesses, relationships and in their community. This strength will affect every area of their lives, giving them a better life.

God has prepared us for a time such as this:

  • Our mission, values, and core beliefs are Biblical and well-established.
  • Our leaders are well-trained and released to serve, using their gifts, talents, and abilities.
  • Our church culture and atmosphere is comfortable and welcoming.
  • We are not personality-centered. That is, our future growth and success is not dependent upon any one individual.

As we consider the opportunities in the days ahead, as we rely on God’s wisdom and guidance, and as we plan with our leaders, we are anticipating the next phase of our church’s life to be one where we see thousands of lives impacted by what we’re able to do in the greater Tallahassee area.

“Let me simply say that,” we sense God is going to do something very great among us. Pastor Eli Hendricks often quotes D.L. Moody who says it this way, “Eye has not seen, ear has not heard, nor has entered into the heart of man, what God can do through a life that is totally committed to Him.”

If our local church is to really represent Jesus to the world there remains a great deal of work to do in Tallahassee.

For instance:

We’ve been called to help people find God’s plan for their lives. There are ten’s of thousands of people in this area that don’t know Jesus. Consequently, we need to continue to reach out to share His love with others. We believe that true satisfaction in life is only found in a relationship with Him.

We’ve been called to train up people to follow after God through obedience to His word. It’s not enough to just turn your life over, we have to teach people how to live a life 100% willing to listen and do what God says.

We’ve been called to be worshippers. Worship is a response to the revelation that a person has about God, the deeper the revelation the greater the worship. We know that God longs to be present and be a part of our everyday lives. We also know that He wants us to pursue him and long for his presence. We know it’s God’s desire for more people to grow in their worship experience as they grow in the knowledge of Him.

We’ve been called to be a place for healing. We are called to train up leaders who can effectively minister to the emotional, spiritual, and physical healing needs of our community. We are called to help the needy, reach out to the poor, deliver the oppressed, and share God’s truth, love, and power.

 We’ve been called to be a place of racial reconciliation. We feel that God intends to use LifeWay Community Church to help bring about racial unity here in the greater Tallahassee area. God has begun to give us a glimpse of what it means to be a multi-ethnic community of believers. Yet, there is so much more for us to do and experience.

We’ve been called to train up people to be released into service. We believe that everyone has been given gifts from God to be used to help strengthen the lives of others. We know that when this happens people are able to serve in a way that feels natural according to the way they’ve been designed.

We’ve been called to help the poor in our community. We long to have the ability to have a huge impact on the poor. It has been a privilege to help people with food, yet we believe God wants us to do so much more. Someday we envision LifeWay C.C. being used to better care for the widows, orphans, homeless and oppressed.

We’ve been called to be a family. This means that we need to continue to focus on individuals as the church grows larger. We firmly believe that ministry happens when friendships are built and relationships cultivated. As we continue to grow we will insure that this stays our focus so that personal ministry to people is our driving force.

Where we are going is exciting, yet daunting. With our hard work, sacrifice and God’s continued favor we’ll see this vision lived out. If you are looking for strength in every area of your life, if you desire to experience what your purpose in life really is, then LifeWay Community Church is for you. We want to encourage you to get ready because, your better life begins now!

God Builds Better Lives”

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